5 Interesting Facts About Honey

5 Interesting Facts About Honey

Honey is a sweet food substance created by the honeybees. We know the basic information but we’d like to share more details and give out fun facts!

Here are 5 interesting facts about honeybees and honey:

  1. Honey never spoils.

Unlike most of the food, honey never spoils over time. Going back from time to time, way back to ancient Egypt, pots of honey were recovered. Thousand years old honey remains unspoil, and yet still preserved.

Its acidity and lack of water content inside the honey are two big factors why it doesn’t spoil. Honey is extremely acidic. Its PH components fall in between 3 and 4.5 which kills any bacteria or almost anything that wants to grow in there. It also lacks moisture hence the reason why very few microorganisms can survive.

Given these reasons, honey doesn’t have any expiration date but it works in its natural perfect harmony.

  1. Honey is medicinal.

Honey has been used for centuries as a medicinal remedy. Ancient Egyptians used to treat themselves with honey because it’s so thick, it creates a barrier against infection for wounds. This ingredient is linked to wound-healing and antibacterial properties.

  1. Not all bees can provide honey.

The bee family is undeniably large. There are certain species that have the capability to make honeys but there are also some that can’t. Less than 5% of bee species make honey. Species like Carpenter Bees, Digger Bees, and oil collectors are some of those who can’t produce.

All honey-makers are considered as “truly social”. Being social, these bees live together in a hive and has all means of working together, reproduce more and more 

  1. There are different colors and flavors of honey.

Everyone’s general knowledge about honey’s color is primarily yellow. In reality, the color of honey depends on its floral source.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture classified honey into 7 color categories.

  • Water White
  • Extra White
  • White
  • Extra Light Amber
  • Light Amber
  • Amber
  • Dark Amber

The color also changes because of exposure to heat. When it is stored in a higher temp, honey turns dark. Dark ones have a stronger flavor while the light-colored honey tastes soft and delicate.

  1. Honey Bees can dance.

These creatures perform the “wiggle dance” whenever they return to the beehive, sharing information where the flowers bloom. This is their simple act of informing about the best food sources.