8 Benefits of Green Tea with Honey

Green tea is well known for weight management. It also boosts the metabolic rate but also burns fats with flavonoids and caffeine. Known to increase the fat oxidation and regulate the insulin in the body that burns the calories. With honey and citrus juices, your tea is now filled with vitamin c that fights off infections and keeps your immune system strong.

Did you know that green tea is one of the most beneficial and widely consumed beverages in the world? It is also known to be one of the best sources for antioxidants, flavonoids and phytonutrients and is also an All-in-one health booster.

Why is having green tea with honey BETTER than having it with sugar?

When you combine sugar with Green Tea, the calories only add to fat. It is very important to stay away from sugar. A single cube of sugar has nine calories but having green tea with sugar several times a day can add double or triple the amount of calories and it is also NEGATING the effects of green tea.

Honey and sugar are both carbohydrates composed primarily of glucose and fructose. They are used as ingredients in many prepackaged foods and recipes. Both can result in weight gain if overused.

Honey is healthier than sugar.  It contains amounts of enzymes, amino acids, B vitamins, vitamin C, minerals, and many antioxidants classified as flavonoids. Flavonoids have anti-inflammatory properties, which provide some health benefits. Honey is higher in fructose than glucose. Fructose is sweeter than glucose. So you can use or add a smaller amount of honey in your drink without sacrificing sweetness. While sugar can increase your risk of certain diseases, can cause weight gain, and it may be harder for you to digest. Too much sugar can also increase your risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Below is the benefits of Green Tea with Honey

      1. Benefits the Heart It keeps the heart healthy and in fine working condition.
      2. Green Tea lowers cholesterol. High cholesterol level can lead to fatal heart disease and stroke.
      3. Green Tea with Honey Acts as a powerful method to fight bad breath. It fights the bacteria and viruses in the mouth and eliminates bad breath. The Polyphenols present in green tea helps aid in keeping the mouth clean and free of foul odour.
      4. Regular Consumption of green tea with honey can give you healthy and strong bones especially womens.
      5.  Both green tea and honey are rich in antioxidants. They help renew skin cells and give it a glowing and younger look. They also help fight acne breakouts by flushing out toxic free radicals.
      6. Improve the functioning of the brain and boost brain functions.
      7. Helps stop hair fall and promotes hair growth in both men and women. If your hair is dry or exposed in pollution or direct exposure to the sun, honey can bring back the shine of your hair.
      8. Green tea with Honey fights against viruses that cause the common cold and flu and strengthens the immune system.