Amazing uses for honey without eating it

Amazing uses for honey without eating it

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Few people don’t like the taste of honey. But here are some beneficial uses of honey you didn’t know without eating it.

Smooth and Shine your Hair

All you need to do is add a teaspoon of honey to half cup of milk and mix well. You can simply apply all over your hair from root to tips. Of Course it will leave a sticky feeling and the ants may follow you but you can rinse it with shampoo afterwards. It benefits to soothe your dry scalp, make your hair even smoother and more manageable.

Washing your face with Honey

You might be a little shocked that you can use honey to wash your face but yes! It is also beneficial to your skin also. You can also take this as a skin care routine by honey with no measurement in the palm of your hand and add a little warm water. Massage the diluted honey over your face. Rinse with warm water.

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If you have a dry or windburned skin, you can also apply honey straight to your face to make a great facial mask to add moisture. Just leave it for 20 minutes, relax and then rinse.

Result is a clean and moisturized complexion.

Take a honey bath

If you want a soft, conditioned skin and at the same time, smells nice. You can use honey for your bath. Just add 3 tablespoon of honey and 2 tablespoon of olive oil. You can also use a honey with milk for a soothing beauty bath.

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Mosquito Bites Reliever

Because of the antibacterial properties of honey, its beeswax lotion bar can reduce the itch and irritation of a mosquito bite as well as helps to avoid infections. It is safe if you have a sensitive skin because it doesn’t have a chemical substance.

Treat that acne

Honey’s natural anti-microbial properties, it is also a great treatment for occasional pimples that pops out of nowhere. If you are attending a party or its your wedding day coming in a few days, just simply get a fingertip of honey on the pimple, let it stay for 30 minutes, Rinse off and repeat again until it goes away.

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Treats small/minor cuts or mild burns

As mentioned above the antimicrobial substance that a honey has, you can also use this to clean minor wounds or mild burns.  After washing the affected area with clean water, grab an amount of honey enough to cover the whole affected area then cover with band-aid. Honey can be a natural antibiotic ointment.

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Soothed Dry and Chapped Lips

To exfoliate flakes of skins of lips, you need to mix a little brown sugar with some olive oil and scrub it to your lips. Next is mix a teaspoon of plain yogurt with a half teaspoon of honey. Spread it to your lips and let it stay for 5 minutes. Rinse with a warm washcloth and put on some beeswax lip balm and tada! Smooth Lips instantly.

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