Beeswax Candles: How to Make One

Beeswax Candles: How to Make One

Beeswax is a 100% natural renewable resource created by the bees. It is the oldest candle known ever since ancient history. Beeswax is one of the densest waxes which means that it doesn’t need any hardeners, additives, or chemical treatments to make a quality product.

Now, if you’re interested in making a beeswax candle, here are the ingredients you need and directions to follow.


    •    1 lb pure filtered beeswax

    •    1/2 cup coconut oil

    •    3 half-pint canning jars

    •    60 ply cotton braided wick #4 cut into 6 inch pieces

    •    A metal pitcher (or an empty coffee can)

    •    pot large enough to fit your pitcher to use as a double boiler

    •    bamboo skewers

    1.    Place beeswax in a pitcher or container.

    2.    Put the pitcher in the pot and fill with enough water to come up the outside of the pitcher without spilling into the pitcher. The water will eventually boil so you don’t want to fill it so high that the water bubbles into the pitcher.

    3.    Bring the water to a boil and then keep it at a gentle boil until all of the beeswax has melted.

    4.    While the beeswax is melting, prepare the wicks by cutting 3-4 pieces 6 inches long. I was able to fill 3 candles by filling just to the bottom of the threads on the jar but it is not a bad idea to have an extra wick ready just in case.

    5.    Once the beeswax is completely melted, remove from heat and add the coconut oil. Stir gently with a bamboo skewer until the coconut oil is melted and incorporated.

    6.    Pour a small amount of wax into the bottom of each jar so that there is about a half-inch at the bottom. Return the pitcher to the hot water to keep the wax melted.

    7.    Place a wick down into the wax in the center of each jar. You can use a skewer to make sure it is placed correctly by pushing down the wick and holding it there for a few minutes.

    8.    Let the wax cool until it is solid enough to hold the wick in place, approximately 5-10 minutes.

    9.    Wrap the top end of the wick around a bamboo skewer until it is taut with the skewer resting across the top of the jar. You might need to use a small piece of tape to keep the wick from slipping off of the skewer.

    10.    Hold onto the skewer and pour remaining melted wax into each jar. Leave about an inch of space at the top.

    11.    Reposition the skewer holding the wick as needed so that it is in the center of the jar.

    12.    Let cool completely! This can take several hours but it is best to leave them overnight.

    13.    Trim the wick to about 1/2 inch. Do not trim any shorter than this because this will make a smaller flame and it is more likely the candle will tunnel. After you light the candle, if it is flickering wildly or smoking, simply blow it out, trim the wick a bit more and re-light.

    14.    During the first burn keep your candle lit for at least 2.5 hours and preferable until the entire surface has melted.

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