Brewing Beer with Honey

The United States produces over 300 types of honey, with the colors ranging from water white to dark amber and the tastes from delectably mild to distinctively bold. Brewers may also consider using honeys which are unique to their regions or that will especially appeal to specific consumer groups. 

So why is there a need to add honey to beer? For the most part, the brewer adds honey for the same reasons that you would add any sugar.

Honey has become a popular addition for many beer brewers. Brewing with honey provides a rich array of aromas and flavors that adds a unique sense of complexity and character to your beer. It is a very complex ingredient that contains a wide range of sugars, many simple and some complex as well as a chicken soup of living organisms including yeast, enzymes, and bacteria. It also has a very rich flavor profile with exotic, but fragile aromas. It may sound weird hearing honey and beer combined, but there are already beers in the market that have been fermented with honey.

The strength of honey adds potency and lightness to beer. Some found that honey also seems to knock the bitter edge off the hops while allowing some of the more subtle hop character to come through.