Can I Eat Honey on Winter?

Can I Eat Honey on Winter?

The chilly weather, the warmth of cuddles, and the season of delicious food is here. But winters also mean experiencing health problems from the most basic throat infection and cough to joint pains. This season is the time for you to take extra care of your health. Stack up some home remedies to keep you healthy and prevent these health problems as much as possible, stack honey.

Here are the reasons why you need to use this magical ingredient during winter:

  1. Boost of immune system

Did you know that health problems related to our respiratory systems are more common during this time? Because breathing in the chilly winter air can easily make us sick. Having a spoonful of honey mixed with a glass of warm water and a few drops of lemon can keep these problems away.

  1. Beauty benefits

Cold breeze of air from the winter time tends to dry up our skin as well as our hair and scalp and honey is known to have moisturising and hydrating properties.Everyone can easily mix honey with coconut oil to condition and moisturise your hair and scalp and you can also use honey to prevent dry and chapped lips.

Alternative solution for the dry skin is the use of a lotion bar. You may also bring an accessible tool everywhere. Use a lip balm for your chapped lips.

  1. Prevention of sore throat

Sore throat is one of the most common problems encountered during winter. A sore throat can make talking very painful and irritable that may also lead to an infection and sometimes even fever. Prevent having a sore throat by including some honey in your diet. One may opt to put honey on warm water and or take 2 spoons directly.

Note that Ioway Bee Farm honeys are never spoiled, provided it is appropriately sealed. Browse our website to order in advance preparation of the winter season.