Celebrating the National Honey Month

Hello there, honey bee lovers! We’re welcoming September with a bang! As you all know, September signifies something special to our honey bees. This is the time when we should celebrate the National Honey Month! All days of September are meant to give love and attention to our beloved pollinators. The National Honey Board or known as, NHB, has always recognized how important honey is and the benefits it brings to the table.

For everyone’s general information, September is that month when the majority of honey is harvested in the United States, thus making it a special month for them. We have listed fun reasons to celebrate all month long:

  1. Try having a beekeeping tour – A beekeeper is someone who keeps bees in order to collect their honey and other products. Getting involved with the idea of the ever-growing and changing beekeeping subculture is a great initiative to learn more about these creatures.
  2. Whip up your kitchen with honey recipe ideas – Honey, an easy and versatile product, will take you on a culinary journey with its fun easy recipes!
  3. Buy honey or any hive products from local stores – A little support goes a long way. Browse
  4. Plant bee-friendly flowers on your garden – Flowering plants might attract some bees. Making a bee-friendly space is nice, considering the crucial health of the planet and survival of mankind, including bee pollinating insects, fruit trees, vegetables, and other ornamental plants.
  5. Taste a unique honey flavor – Honey comes in with different types of flavors, and even colors! It would be awesome for everyone to get to know each flavor distinction for honey familiarization.

Love and support for the bees this whole month of September is very much appreciated. Let us know how you’d like to celebrate the National Honey Month!