Cheese and Honey

Do you believe that cheese and honey are a match made in heaven?

Cheese is one product that is very versatile and nowadays, there is a popular dish combining both honey and cheese in one board, it’s called the cheese plate! Surprisingly, honey pairs with almost all types of cheese however, some pairings are especially delectable.

For your information, there are specific cheeses that taste better with honey because it is meant to enhance the flavors of the cheese and compliment it. A drizzle of honey adds that sweetness and balances out the sharpness from the cheese.

Best cheese for Ioway’s Pure Honey:

  • Brie –  add a little bit of honey on top of this cheese and garnish it with chopped nuts. Honeys with medium intensity would help acing this combination.
  • Blue cheese – should be paired with a bold tasting honey to lessen the heavy strong blues.
  • Ricotta – can be served as a breakfast or a dessert. Pairing would be nice if accompanied with figs, fruits, and prosciutto. Ricotta cheese is best with light honeys.
  • Fresh goat cheese – can be overpowering with its tangy taste. Mix this with a drizzle of honey just to subdue acidic flavor.

The easiest way to create this special combination is to drizzle the honey on top of your cheese before fully consuming. You may also put up a jar of honey alongside the cheese plate, making the process easier for you and your guests. Additional ingredients like baguette or crackers go well with your cheese plate.