Does Honey Lighten Scars?

Does Honey Lighten Scars?

Is it possible to remove scars permanently?

Scars come in all shapes and sizes. These are a result of either chicken pox, acne, or other skin ailments. We understand that it can sometimes make you feel under-confident and the worst part is, it doesn’t easily go away. 

Some people consider scars to be marks of their pride, while others just want to eradicate them for good. There is no concrete research to make the scars totally disappear but there are recommended remedies that can speed up the lightening process. If you are patient and persistent to have your scars lightened up, keep on reading to know how.

That being said, maybe it’s time to switch to honey. Here is why:

  • Honey is a natural ingredient for skin cleansing. It contains a lot of minerals that can surely eliminate scars, giving you a radiant and glowing complexion.
  • It contains vitamins like B2, B3 and B5 as well as minerals.
  • Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, honey is a very good remedy that gets rid of scar related discomforts.
  • Honey acts like an antiseptic. It prevents the bacteria from growing in your skin.

Here is an easy trick to help you bid farewell to your scars forever by using honey on your skin.


  1. Apply raw honey on the affected area.
  2. Massage or gently rub for 5-10 minutes.
  3. Wash this off with warm water.

Use honey to soothe the inflation and make sure this treatment is part of your nightly routine.This helps in coaxing your skin to renew, and it is all thanks to the pollen in the raw honey.  Applying it everyday or every other day as a paste for your scarring will improve their appearance, it becomes barely visible.

If you want to give this a try, here are the best practices:

  • Choose to use raw, organic, natural honey.
  • Wash your face first before any application.
  • Apply the raw honey before your skin dries.