Holiday Hangover Remedies

Holidays are officially done! We’re sure that some of us celebrated the holiday season exquisitely. Having too many drinks is something common and we know it would result in a holiday hangover.

Did you know that honey is one of these miraculous cures for hangovers? So if you’re not looking forward to the new year’s eve hangover, you’ll be pleased to know that a simple cooking ingredient is already a key solution to add to the hangover suffering.

What makes honey special?

It is acclaimed by scientists as an aid to quickly break down the amount of alcohol you consume. Honey has been a hangover prevention for centuries. Because of honey’s antioxidant properties, it helps your body recover from the hypoglycemia (aka low blood glucose) brought on by drinking.

How to use honey as a remedy?

Stir a spoonful of honey into a glass of hot water. Consuming food that contains fructose, like honey, speeds the process of alcohol oxidation. Of course, drinking water to replenish the lost fluids from drinking can really help. Better to load up on vitamin C as well to guard yourself against possible hangover symptoms.