Homemade Honey DIY Hair Masks

All women who have dry, damaged or frizzy hair, go to the salon to get a hair treatment that can moisturize and nourish their hair. But the hair treatment in salons has some chemicals used on it. If you don’t want a chemical treatment and you are looking for a simple natural remedy to smoothen your hair, here are some DIY Hair Masks made with honey.

How Honey Benefits the Hair?

Honey has both emollient and humectant properties. Usually, emollients for hair are hydrophobic oils that form on the surface of the hair. This is why honey is a great moisturizer. Emollients smoothen the hair follicles and also add shine to dull hair. While the humectants bond with water molecules and add moisture to the dry stands of the hair. Honey can also restore the natural lusted of your hair.

Below are the type of DIY Honey Masks that is pure natural and no chemicals involved:

Warm Honey and Olive Oil

If your hair is dry and damaged because of heat or the salon you go to has put a wrong amount of chemical. This treatment is for you.

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All you need is:

  • ½ cup organic raw honey
  • ¼ cup olive oil
  • Stovetop or microwave-safe bowl/pot

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Mix the honey and olive oil together. Put in the microwave for a few seconds. Mix it again after heating. Then you can apply from the scalp to the end of your hair. Leave it on for 20 minutes.

If you only apply a honey, its result can get very sticky. So I recommend you add an olive oil to your mask to help smooth and coat the hair. If you are having a hard time removing the oil out of your hair, simply sprinkle a baking soda on your scalp and massage it with your fingertips. 

You can still shampoo and condition your hair like you normally do. 

Keep in mind that you can only Apply mask once a week.

Honey, Coconut Oil and Yogurt

No matter what hair type you have, either straight, natural, relaxed, treated hair, or curly, deep conditioning should be part of your hair care. 

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This honey, coconut oil and yogurt hair masks is a deep conditioning hair mask. This treatment is to help hair restore the moisture in the hair that was lost due to styling of the hair and shampooing. This treatment also prepares your hair for any treatments.

All you need is:

  • 2 tbsp plain yogurt
  • 1 ½ tbsp organic raw honey
  • ½ tsp coconut oil


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, if you have short hair, use less coconut oil. If you have long hair, use more coconut oil. Massage it through your scalp to its end. Leave it for 15 minutes before shampooing.

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The lactic acid in yogurt cleanses the scalp, while the proteins nourish and strengthen the hair. The coconut oil penetrates the hair leaving it shiny, lustrous and smooth. The moisturizing properties also prevent split ends. If you have dryer hair types, you can deep condition it 1 – 2 times a week.

There are benefits of deep conditioning your hair

  1. Prevent Hair Damage
  2. Promotes Elasticity
  3. Nourishes & Strengthens Hair
  4. Restores Hairs Moisture and Natural Oils
  5. Reduce damaged made by hair color, blow-dry, straightening iron, or any other chemical treatment
  6. Maintain high moisture levels 
  7. Helping hair growth

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Banana and Honey Hair Mask

Banana soothes an itchy scalp and at the same time, moisturizes your hair. Applying banana to hair can prevent hair breakage or split ends. If you have fine hair, it creates volume and maintains natural elasticity. Honey is beneficial for healthy scalps and also retains moisture.While olive oil minimizes the frizz of the hair.

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  • ½ cup organic raw honey
  • 2 ripe bananas
  • ½ cup olive oil

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Mix the ingredients together in a blender. Apply it from the top of your head to the tips with a dye brush. Leave on hair for at least 10-15minutes. You can cover with a shower cap for a deep penetration.

Add more oil depending on your hair length, hair type (dry hair = more oil) so the banana won’t stick to the hair shafts. Shampoo twice to remove mask left over. Continue rinsing with shampoo and conditioner. This can be applied once a week or once every few weeks.