Honey for Kids

Kids growing up, they like exploring different things. During this stage of life, parents get to show them how to learn dancing, eating new foods, and a lot more. Since we are tackling kid’s food consumption, let us also touch the topic of honey for kids.

Is it safe for them?

Honey is an all-natural ingredient. Children younger than 2 years old are not allowed to eat honey. It would contract bacteria on infants.

Honey’s health benefits for children over two:

  1. Liver Protection – Honey has an antitoxin property that stops toxin from producing on your child’s body. In short, their liver will be extra-protected. 
  1. Increase of Energy – Sweet sugary food like honey brings energy boost and eventual sugar crash. We know that when kids eat sugary foods, it spikes the blood sugar levels of your child and leaves them exhausted.
  1. Heals Coughs – Did you know that kids are prone to coughs? This is because of the fact that they are still developing their immune systems. Honey is scientifically proven to work faster than cough suppressants. A quick remedy of mixing a teaspoon of honey or two into warm water will surely cure your child’s cough. Make sure to do this regularly until the cough goes away.
  1. Easy Way of Digestion – Introducing your kids after 2 years old to all-natural honey is an easy process of transitioning them from eating soft to organic solid foods.
  1. Contains Vitamins & Minerals – Studies show that honey contains vitamins and minerals that clearly help a child’s growth.

Let’s involve honey in our child’s development and make a fun experience out of it. Who knows, they might discover honey recipes as early as two.