Honey Lotion Bars are In!

One thing we’ve noticed, the world of cosmetics keeps on changing as it pursues a higher road in order to upgrade certain products. An example of this would be the addition of honey on different cosmetics products. Years were spent on several experiments with making unique products like honey lotion bars.

What is a honey lotion bar?

If you’re wondering what this is, honey lotion bars are basically the same as liquid lotion. The difference is, they are in a solid formation put into a room temperature. These are perfect for summer days to moisturize your dry winter skin. The goodness of the lotion bar will deeply moisturize skin, particularly those who have been out enjoying the long summer days. Using organic products like this would make things safer for you. These bars can be an alternative to many lotions with chemicals.

How do you use this?

Rub the honey lotion bar onto your skin. The warmth of your skin activates the bar. As you continue rubbing, the bar softens and allows you to glide on the lotion.

Why do we need this?

Treat this as an inexpensive investment, stock up on these either for yourself or as a gift to a special someone. We, at Ioway Bee Farm, offer honey lotion bars that are made from four natural ingredients; Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil and Beeswax. The combination of these ingredients create a lotion bar that firms at room temperature, but softens when applied to the skin. The natural ingredients make this organic lotion enough for all-over use as well as for sensitive children’s skin.

We guarantee it will heal dry skin with one application a day. It works great on rashes, insect bites, poison ivy and even makes psoriasis and eczema look and feel better. Biting insects will not bite through our lotion, making it a great all natural mosquito repellent. Our lotion bars are available in two sizes; 1.5 ounce and .75 ounces and in either scented or unscented. The bar form would make things way convenient for everyone. Easy to toss into your purse, desk, and can bring it on-the-go especially when travelling.

Store them in a cool, dry and dark place to avoid melting or softening. Try these bars and you yourself will see why it’s in nowadays!