How is Honey Made

Bees need two different kinds of food. One is honey made from nectar, the sugary juice that collects in the heart of the flowers. They collect a sugary juice called nectar from the blossom by sucking it out with their tongues. Bees are pretty much marvelous creatures. One can carry a payload of nectar or pollen close to her own weight.

When they feel like they already have a full load, they fly back into their hives. On the hive, they pass the nectar load through their mouths to other worker bees who chew it for about half an hour. It’s passed from bee to bee, until it gradually turns into honey. If the honey remains to be wet, the bees fan it with their wings to make it dry out and become more sticky. When it’s ready, they seal the cell with a wax lid to keep it clean.

The honey is  placed in storage cells and capped with beeswax in readiness for the arrival of newborn baby bees.Before a bee returns back to the flower again for more pollen, the bee combs, cleans so she can work more efficiently. Basically, throughout her life cycle, the bee will work tirelessly collecting pollen, bringing it back to the hive, cleaning herself, then setting out for more pollen.