November Beekeeping

November is a time to be prepared. Beekeepers must be ready to ensure their readiness for a weird weather that’s quite warm and cold. This is the time you have to check on the bees; keeping them ready for a long sleep by putting them on bed for winter. 

  1. Observe the bees and how much honey they were able to produce over the season.
  2. Feed your bees. You may put the stored bars of honey back into the hive.
  3. When honey resources are low, you may opt to make honey bee tea.
  4. Last resort? Mix some sugar syrup
  5. As a beekeeper, your role is to observe whether your bee hive is ready for winter. Check surrounding aspects like wind patterns, pests, and that your hive place must be located in the most protected spot.
  6. A winterizing gear should all be in place at this time.
  7. Track what’s going on at your hive. Spend the winter reading more about the bees.