Tips for Holiday Weight Loss

Holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, but enjoying too much during this festive season also means that there is a chance of gaining weight. It’s timely because we spend Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s consecutively, consuming festive yet “kinda-fattening-foods” like pecan pies, cupcakes, sugar cookies, and potatoes.

How can we eat in moderation and strive for weight loss after the added weight on a holiday?

  1. Exercise. Walking can improve your mood and it reduces negative feelings. Aside from helping you maintain your weight, it can protect you against anxiety and depression.
  1. Drinking hot water with lemon and honey can help people lose at least two to three pounds a week. Make sure to add honey to your drink as a replacement for sugar.
  1. Don’t skip meals. Do you know that if you skip meals, you’ll end up bingeing soon? Eating in small portions and chewing slowly will enable you and your mind to think that you are already full.

There are more tips to sustain your weight but in the end, after the holiday season, limit the intake of processed and sugary foods.