What happen to bees this winter season?

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Have you ever wondered where bees go in winter or how extreme weather affects our bees? 

When it gets too cold to work and fly, Honey Bees huddle together to keep themselves warm inside their hives. They need to stick together to stay warm and alive in the winter. Most bees and wasps hibernate during the winter. 

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Did you know that honey bees can survive cold winters? They remain active throughout the winter despite the cold freezing temperatures and the lack of flowers on which to forage. 

These honey bee species ride out the winter by creating their own heat source. Some bees may survive but some bees can die if they become too filled with waste and cannot fly out and defecate. The reason why the bees work so hard during the warmer months to collect nectar is because bees can stay warm, have food and energy in the form of honey.

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If the temperatures continue to drop, the worker bees start actively generating heat within the hive. They flex the flight muscles located within the thorax of their bodies but their wings don’t move. Instead, this vibration raises each bee’s body temperature. With thousands of bees on the hive vibrating, the temperature at the center of the cluster warms at 93 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are also ways you can help the bees during this winter season. By planting winter-flowering plants. You should also avoid digging your garden in winter areas where your bee is nesting. If you have a beehive box, move it into a cool, dry place where it offers extra protection from damp and frosts.