What is a Pure Honey Stick?

Have you considered honey as a happy treat? If you haven’t, then you’ve got some new things to discover! Here at Ioway Bee Farm, we make things possible and our goal is to create more innovative products just for you. In this article, we are going to tackle one of our creations: Pure Honey Sticks.

Honey sticks are sometimes called honey straw. It is a pure and natural honey sealed in plastic straws. What’s good about these is that it contains a lot of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals to help boost your immune system. These sticks are so convenient, they can be added to your coffee, tea, smoothie, or even on milkshakes. It serves as an alternative to candy; definitely a healthier snack option that can also be enjoyed by kids.

How to Use Pure Honey Sticks?

Just bite the seal at the end of the stick in order to pop open, squeeze the liquid out, and stir your beverage using the empty honey stick.

There are other ways to enjoy Honey Sticks like:

  • Applying honey stick as an after-shave treatment. Applying a portion of honey on your skin goes a long way since this acts as a soothing agent. It reduces swelling and can tighten pores.
  • Using sticks as a bathwater to make your skin soft and smooth. All the antioxidants inside the honey will make your skin look better.
  • On-the-go face mask; a convenient product you can bring everywhere you go most specially when travelling. The mixture of honey sticks can be extremely effective for the skin.

What we offer comes in a pack with six sticks inside. People love it because these honey sticks are mess free and portable. Imagine having slim honey straws you can stash anywhere without getting any worries of creating a mess. No spills and no dirty utensils, free from sticky fingers!

The best part? Pure honey sticks help you stick with your diet! Since it comes in a small portion, you get to control your sugar intake; you also get the perfect sweetness for your beverage.

Go ahead and add this to your daily dietary routine. Feel satisfied as you get pure and raw, Grade A, light to amber honey from hives of Northeast Kansas, Southern Nebraska, and Northwest Missourri.