9 oz Blueberry Creamed Honey

9 oz Blueberry Creamed Honey

What is creamed honey?
There are 2 types of crystal growing naturally in honey a rough crystal and a smooth crystal. You can find rough crystals growing naturally in honey, that has set a while. And there is a second type of crystal that is smooth and has a smooth texture in your mouth that spreads like peanut butter without the drip of liquid honey. We also mix freeze dried fruits in our creamed honey to make delicious natural flavors like Strawberry, BlackBerry, raspberry, blueberry, peach, almond ,pecan and just plain creamed honey as well. Except plain there is only 2 ingredients In are all natural cream honey.
Our cream honey goes really well with biscuits, toast ,bread or as a sweetener in your favorite drink.



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2 reviews for 9 oz Blueberry Creamed Honey

  1. Rachel (verified owner)

    Delicious! I ordered three different flavors, and the first one I tried was this. It’s incredibly sweet and smooth, and goes well on toast and graham crackers. I would highly recommend this as your first purchase if you’ve never had creamed honey before!

  2. Alex (verified owner)

    I adore this honey!! I made a review post about it on my tumblr that currently has 3.8k ‘notes’ (like retweets, comments, likes) as I’m writing this, which I’d like to paste here;

    “Second order of creamed honey from Ioway Bee Farm finally arrived and while the almond creamed honey was a little underwhelming the blueberry one was almost *too* decadent. Like mortals were not made for something that tastes this good. This honey could corrupt a man from the first spoonful. It helps me to avoid eating half the jar in one go, though.”

    A little dramatic, but I’m serious, this honey is super sweet, completely out of this world.

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Mahaska signed the 1836 treaty which established the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska reservation along the Missouri River in Kansas and Nebraska. The river bluffs, woodlands, and meadows are full of native medicinal plants and wildflowers, that the Tribe’s bees rely on to make nanyi (NAH-nyee), pure honey and other products.

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