1.5 ounce Scented Lotion Bar

1.5 ounce Scented Lotion Bar

Our lotion bars are made from four natural ingredients; Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil and Beeswax. We guarantee it to heal dry skin with one application a day, or your money back. Works great on rashes, insect bites, poison ivy and even makes psoriasis and eczema look and feel better. Biting insects will not bite through our lotion, making it a great all natural mosquito repellent. Our lotion bars are available in two sizes; 1.5 ounce and.75 ounces and in either scented or unscented.


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1 review for 1.5 ounce Scented Lotion Bar

  1. Jake Mack (verified owner)

    I would write a love letter to this lotion bar if I could. I have fairly bad eczema, the kind that covers almost the entirety of my hands and never really subsides, and this lotion bar is the nicest thing that’s ever come into my life. I usually have an issue with lotions either being too weak to actually affect the skin, causing a stinging pain upon application, or being too oily for my sad, dry skin to actually handle so it causes those weird raw crusty spots, so I’m used to ending up some what worse off after moisturizing than I was before–not so with this!! It goes on so comfortably and is an almost immediate relief. It doesn’t sit on the skin for too long or leave me feeling greasy; it actually HEALS my skin (that’s a new experience for me) and relaxes the inflamed patches really well. It’s the only lotion I’ve ever used that can last me more than a day before I have to apply it again, when unaffected by outside circumstance. The fact that it’s a bar also makes it way easier to transport and prevents that end-phase where there’s still plenty of lotion in the bottle but I can’t get to it.

    For reference, I’ve used this lotion bar while doing work that is notoriously rough on eczema-havers. Namely, I was working with mud for hours a day and constantly washing and then re-caking my hands in mud over and over again, and when I went in unprepared the first day, it was pretty miserable: I was only 3 hours in before my hands were burning so bad I had to go off asking for help. I developed a habit of applying this in the morning, and then coating over it with vaseline for extra protection after it dried. It was generally enough to get me through the day problem-free; so, please don’t think it won’t help your eczema just because you work a skin-irritating job. I’ve worked in kitchens, etc.; I know how it goes. This lotion has been really, really good to me. Cannot express my thanks to the bee farm enough for that one 🙂

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